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 Lukus Voss

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PostSubject: Lukus Voss    Mon Apr 16, 2012 8:04 am

Name: Lukas Voss

Alias: Wild-Card

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Celestial Being

Nicknames: Luke or Wild-Card.


Nationality: Unknown

Family: None

Personality: Luke is easy going and prone to crack jokes. He also knows when to be serious. Due to the quantum brainwave spikes he expeirences when he battles it can make him unpredictable.

History/Background Story: Luke was an experiment in the Innovade program. They where curious to see if they could engineer an inovade that could turn off and on his quantum brainwaves so as to operate under the radar of other inovades if needed. The process was a success and at the same time a failure. Luke can completely supress his quantum brainwave activity cutting himself off from other inovades and Veda. The side affect is that sometimes he gets a massive surge in the quantum brainwaves. This can affect his decision making skills and make him brash and hung-ho. He has been working to control these surges.

Mobile Units:
Gundam/Mobile Suit: Gundam Dynames

Special Characteristics: When he has a quantum brainwave spike he can push a mobile suit past it's normal operating limits.

Rp Sample: The flies had started to buzz. The body had been there a few days by the smell. Mason inhaled shallow breaths trying to sort the smells of any clues that could be picked up through that of decay. Even though he was across the street the faint scent of azpex wafted from the crime scene. Azpex is a substance beings from the shadow realm use to perform spells and such. He pulled the slender cellphone from his pocket. After joining the Occult Investigation Task Force carrying and using a cellphone was one of the things he had gotten used to. “Agent 13 here. I'm going to need a clean up crew, a necro and a few tier three warlocks.” He hung up the phone and slid it back into the long black trench coat. He walked across the street to the now bustling crime scene.

“I need to speak with the officer in charge here.” His silky voice replied to an officer that inquired as to why he was there. The officer did a small double take and stumbled backward staring at Mason. It was no wonder the officer was stumbling over himself. Mason's skin was alabaster white his eyes shimmered an unnatural green. He stood six feet five inches tall. His ears came to a point and his voice could charm the dead. It was more than likely the first time the officer had seen a member of Oitif. Only ten years had passed now since the barrier had come down merging the world of shadows with the human world. Things had not gone well in the beginning. The human world fell into disarray. Things evened out after a few years when leaders from both sides of the barrier came together and formed the Unified Worlds Council. They put into place laws to protect humans and Shadow Worlders alike. The Occult Investigation Task Force was another thing that came out of the Councils forming.

The officer in charge approached Mason with determination in his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something. Mason cut him off by putting up his hand. “This is no longer your jurisdiction officer. This is an Oitif matter now.” The officer quickly shut his mouth. Mason puled out his badge to confirm the officers suspicions. “I will file a follow up report with your precinct once we have concluded our investigation. Have a good day sir.” As he spoke the officer took in Mason's long fanged teeth. Knowing what Oitif was he no doubt thought Mason was a vampire. He was half right. Mason's Father was a master vampire. His mother was a High Elf. The officer just nodded and turned back to the crime scene bellowing out orders. The rest of the officers started to pack up. A gust of wind and a familiar buzzing sound cut through the air.

Character Theme: Derezzed - Daft Punk

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PostSubject: Re: Lukus Voss    Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:40 am

Looks good enough Smile
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Lukus Voss
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