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 GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam

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PostSubject: GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam    Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:39 pm

Unit Name: GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam


Drive: GN Tau Drive

Special Features: Bit Control System, Communication Hacker (RP purposes only), Wraith System, GN Field

Armaments: GN Head Vulcan x 2, GN Beam Saber x 2, GN Wing Bit (which are similar to Fangs in that they can fire), x 10, GN Shield x 1, Hell's Fury x 1, GN Beam Rifle x 1

General Description: No one knows when the plans for the Bernael Gundam were created, or by whom, or if someone does, they aren’t telling. All that is known is that it was put into Veda at around the same time as GN-000 0 Gundam. Its most striking feature is the wing-like protrusions on its back and its headpiece. The suits black exterior is broken only by the red circle in the center and the head with its crimson horns and eyes. The reason behind this is demoralization.

As the only Gundam of this color in operation, Bernael strikes a frightening image, hence the name, which is derived from the fallen angels of which Bernael was. He was a fallen angel of darkness and evil. It has a unique piece of equipment that allows the pilot to speak to anyone on the battlefield, whether on a ship in the area or in a mobile suit, even with GN particles being dispersed. Has the ability to jam communications as well, much like the Gundams of Celestial Being, even without the Solar Furnaces special particles. It can make mirages appear on the sensors and radars, confusing the enemy and allowing it to go in close and finish it off. Of course, because of the amount of power required to make the illusions, the system can only be used once per sortie lest the drive overload.

In addition to that, it also sports a GN field, and yet it also sometimes carries a physical shield. Why? Because physical blades can break through beam shields.  In addition, it also holds the Bit Control System of the Gundam Striker, and, unlike the Striker, utilizes the bits in its speed, meaning that whenever it is not using them it goes faster than the average suit, although not as fast as the transformable suits like Kyrios or Arios or even the GN Archer. Finally, the suit sports a cannon located in the chest that is called Hell's Fury, aptly named as the weapon's blast is red and appears like fire as it streaks across the field toward its target.

The suit was made as a successor to the Gundam Striker, and utilizes quite a bit of the old Gundam's technology. However, as time passed the tech only got better, and so did the suits. This suit's designs were found in a heavily fortified file in Veda's level Seven. Even with possessing all seven levels, it was still heavily encrypted. Surprising nothing, or next to, was added, in that much of the tech the suit's plans required was, by modern standards, still very much advanced, much like the Gundams of Celestial Being 4 years prior were to all regular military suits. except for two things that were included. It is believed that Aeolia Schenberg made the designs but deemed it too dangerous or perhaps too powerful. Of course, with its experimental technology Bernael had to have a test pilot, and so the suit was given to the Striker Gundam's pilot, Ling Zhang. The suit doesn't even require Quantum Brain Waves to be operated. It is unclear what the motives are behind giving such a powerful weapon to such a dangerous individual, but what is clear is that a great many things will change when this suit enters the ring.

The difference in the Identification code between GN-000 0 Gundam and GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam is simple: the two suits were completely different models, and their specs were so far apart that if they had shared the same Identifier it would have placed them in the same category, and considering the nature of the devil Gundam, it would have been like comparing a handgun to a bazooka. The Bernael, seeing as it was a prototype design and that no one ever tried to create a test model, means that even as it is deployed it remains in the prototype category. It is not a versatile suit in regards to the fact that it is unsuited for long range combat, however, its close-range and medium-range more than makes up for it. With its sword bits and its mirage ability it is more than a match for any suit of Celestial Being.

Intended for: Ling Zhang

Season: S2

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Posts : 40
Join date : 2012-04-21
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam    Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:45 am

This suit was made as a counter-Celestial suit, much like the Arche Gundam piloted by Ali Al-Satchez. Ling, being the designated pilot of the Striker and the All-terrain suit that was piloted by Sergei Smirnoff in S2, plays the role of Ali in this RP, and while an official member of the military instead of a merc-for-hire, he still manages to be sadistic and isn't known for mercy. Quite the combination for a pilot and for this suit in particular, as it will only serve as a foci in the battles to come.
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GNA-DM19 Bernael Gundam
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