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 GNT-01X Astral

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PostSubject: GNT-01X Astral    Fri May 11, 2012 9:35 pm

Unit Name: GNT-01X Astral
Drive: GN Drive [T]
Special Features: GN Field; Trans-Am System (Locked until Billy discovers it); Veda Terminal; Trans-Am Self-Detonation System(Locked until Billy discovers Trans-Am);
Armament: 2x GN Vulcan, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2x GN Beam Saber, mounted on hip armor, hand-held in use; 1x GN Beam Rifle, mounted on hip armor, hand-held in use; 2x GN Beam Boomerang, mounted on shoulders, can double as GN Beam Sabers, hand-held in use; 1x GN Assault Pack, mounted on back, contains 2x GN Cannon, 2x Anti-personnel Machine Guns, and 4x GN Machine Guns;
General Description: Created based on combat data from Feral Cross and his GNY-001 Gundam Astraea, the Astral is a mobile suit designed for close combat. Taking Feral's ability to diversify how he fights up close, the Astral is equipped with two GN Beam Sabers, which can be combined into a single double bladed beam saber, and two GN Beam Boomerangs for close quarters. It's Beam Rifle and GN Cannons were modified so that they had less range, but greater power, to further fit with his up close and personnal combat style. The GN Assault Pack also doubles as a flight stabilizer, and helps with the manueverability of the suit. It is also equipped with four GN machine guns that are mostly used to distract the enemy.

During the Innovator War, Feral begins to lose sight of Aeolia's true objective. He soon finds himself fighting for the Innovators, as he felt a stronger connection to his 'brethren' as he called them. He found himself coming into contact with Celestial Being, and was always rather shocked at the fact that he was now their enemy. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to win against the Meisters using any of the mobile suits currently available, the Innovators created the GNT-01X Astral for his personal use. Finding everything to his expertise in CQC combat, Feral would use the Astral in his fight against CB.
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GNT-01X Astral
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