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 YMS-02 Union Blast

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PostSubject: YMS-02 Union Blast   Mon May 28, 2012 9:44 pm

Unit Name: YMS-02 Union Blast
Drive: E-Carbon Armor (stores Hydrogen) Solar Energy System
Special Features: Sensors, range unknown; VTS (Variable Transformation System;
Armament: 2x Sonic/Plasma Sword, mounted in forearms, hand-held in use; 1x Linear Rifle, mounted on main body in mobile armor mode, hand-held in use; 20mm Machine Gun, mounted on hip armor, hand-held in use; 1x Defense Rod, mounted on left forearm;
General Description: The Blast is an upgraded version of the VMS-15 Union Realdo developed by Bell Factory. Although it possesses stunning capabilities, it is no match for the undoubtedly more advanced prototype, the Union Flag developed by Iris Corporation.

Like the Realdo, the Blast was primarily designed for aerial combat. Due to this, the Blast's fighter mode is more advanced than the Union Flag, however it's performance in mobile suit is much more inferior. Unlike Realdo or Flag, Blast's arms bent backward in flight mode and is more steamline.

The competitor of the YMS-01A Union Flag to become the next maintay MS for Union. In order to determine which model would become the victor, a mock battle between the two was held. The YMS-01A Union Flag was piloted by Graham Aker while the YMS-02 Union Blast was piloted by Asul "Airmaster" Derringer. Graham won, but his superior's Blast crashed during the battle, and Asul was mortally wounded. After the battle, Samuel aquired the results of the test, and saw the suits performance. He went to the scientist at Bell Factory, and asked them to repair the Blast so that he could use it as his personal suit. Once it was finished, he took it into battle from there on out, even in the fight against the Gundams.
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YMS-02 Union Blast
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