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 my costum character

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ali al sarches
ali al sarches

Posts : 9
Join date : 2013-10-14

PostSubject: my costum character    Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:51 am

name:federico filippini
alias:gundam master 00
factions:ex a-law,celestial being
nickname:bearer of darkenss
looks:he has a mask that covers almost the entire face that it's like mr bushido(graham aker) mask,white hair,1.80 cm tall,red eyes.
father:enrico fillippini(died for unknown reason)
mother:unknown(died when he was born)
personality:federico is calm person when he is not fighting,and he don't likes when others make joks about him.when he is battle he likes to fight whit honor but he use every weapon he have on his mobile suit to destroy the enemy,and he breangs even his mobile suit to the destroction,only for fun and he is haveing a lot of fun fighting he become an animal and kills everything .but for the rest he is a sociable person that loves mobile suit,and rock music.Very Happy 

gundam/mobile suit:the nightingale gundam has been developed by federico himself, it has a  red twin gn driver for engine,it has 3 beam saber one in the foot for surprise attack, two beam rifles,and a gn cannon hide in the back of the gundam, a gn minigun in the cest , 10 gn fang and a trans-am sistem in emergency cases.painted with almost all the part's in red, and a little of black, it look's like arche gundam of ali al sarches for it's design but it more fast and hard to destroy

special Characteristics:even if it doesn't look like a powerfull innovator,he in the reality is very powerfull he hides he's power because he don't want to scare the other menbers of the celestial being, and he his obseseed with finding new rivals and killing people:pirat: .

history/Background story:since the age of 16 federico has been it the aeu army, he became an ace at the age of 18.his motivations were to find rivals to fight in his mobile suit and to help his father,with the work but when the father died for unknown reasons he decided to fufill his father last wish to end the wars in the world,infact even if fought the celestial being at the age of 19 when they first apered,after his first fight with a gundam he decided to join the celestial being.He tryed many times to contact the celestial being,and he failed so much that he was like ponching himself for the anger but then he had an idea.he killed his team mates during a mission against the gundams.And that day came,when the gundams were attacking his team mates he taked his weapons began to shoot his mates the gundam meisters where really confused when they saw him shoot at his mates. after the battle he actived a secure channel with gundam meisters,he tould them that he have done that because he want's to join them,they were like this:affraid: when he spoke those words after a little moment of silence, they called varius menbers in the group,for asking if he can be trusted, they sawed his file,and they said to him what were his ideals to put an end to this endless conflicts all around the world because he wants to grant his father last wish.he told him to send them every information he can on the fighting plans of the combained force of aeu,union and hrl for preventing to much damege on the gundams.he left, two hours later leaving his mobile suit on the battle fild and retorned to the base. after that he continued to send information and thats like he became a spy for the celestial being🤡 .
during the 4 years that the celestial being haven't opereted he joind a-laws for take more information as possible from them and at the same time he became a gundam meister thanks to the fact that he is a very skilled pilot.And during the 4 years of non operation he developed the nightingale gundam for help the celestial being in their fight

Rp Sample:
during a trip to the space for his tests for his gundam he found himself in a battle betwin a-laws and the anti governative forces, so he decided to try his gundam and than he said to his pilot:
"today,after a long wait i will fight again,and,i will kill all of them, a-laws,anti governative forces, i don't care i'll kill them all,ahahahahahahahahha!!!"
he moved like a rocket to the gundam.
before launching he said:"gundam nightingale, ready to destroy all."
the battle ended after 10 minuts the only one standing in that moment in the battlefild was the red gundam:twisted: .

Character Theme:crest of zs jam project

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Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: my costum character    Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:19 pm

Just thought you'd like to know, the story as it stands is still season 1, so A-Laws has not been formed yet.
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ali al sarches
ali al sarches

Posts : 9
Join date : 2013-10-14

PostSubject: Re: my costum character    Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:04 am

i know infact it's it what my character is going to do after the first season
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ali al sarches
ali al sarches

Posts : 9
Join date : 2013-10-14

PostSubject: Re: my costum character    Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:08 am

in this moment he is a spy for the celestial being but he fight them at the same time for mantein his conver in the army
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PostSubject: Re: my costum character    

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my costum character
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