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 GNR-020 Gundam Rakim (Designed by Tsubine for Kilik/Feldt)

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PostSubject: GNR-020 Gundam Rakim (Designed by Tsubine for Kilik/Feldt)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:10 pm

Unit Name: GNR-020 Gundam Rakim
Drive: GN Drive Tau
Special Features: Sensors, range unknown; Trans-am; Face mask, stored in front of V-fin
Armament: 2 x GN Saber, mounted on backpack; 2 x GN Beam cannon, mounted on waist; 2 x GN Rifle, hand-carried in use; 1 x GN Beam Cannon, hand-carried in use; 1 x GN Machinegun, hand-carried in use
General Description: A failed second-generation Gundam design, the original numbering was GNY-006 Rakim. When Fereshte was attacked and the only other GN drive they had was stolen by former Meister Hixar Fermi, Chall decided that completing the Rakim was the last thing Fereshte needed to worry about. For most of the A-LAWS/Celestial Being War, the Rakim was stored deep within Krung Thep. That was until after Tieria Erde was "killed". When Tieria merged with VEDA, he was able to locate the Rakim. However, when he located it, so did Ribbons' clone. When Ribbons II returned from Jupiter with a GN Drive, he orginally installed it on the Rakim, until he designed the Iblis. When he installed the GN Drive in the Iblis, the Rakim was outfitted with a Tau drive and given to a member of Arrows.

GN Rifle
GN Beam cannon
GN Machinegun

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Aden Williams
Aden Williams

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PostSubject: Re: GNR-020 Gundam Rakim (Designed by Tsubine for Kilik/Feldt)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:16 pm

I don't Understand who is meant to be the pilot for this

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GNR-020 Gundam Rakim (Designed by Tsubine for Kilik/Feldt)
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