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 Mars Denbrey (Done)

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Mars Denbrey
Mars Denbrey

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PostSubject: Mars Denbrey (Done)   Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:00 pm

Name: Gabriel Schneider

Alias: Mars Denbrey

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Celestial Being(Fereshte)

Nicknames: The Gale


Nationality: German/Spaniard

Family: Fritz Schneider(Father), Anna Torres(Mother)

Personality: He is often sarcastic and tries to keep any tense situation light. But can get serious when he needs to. Deeply cares about his friends and family.

Mobile Units: GN-0099 Gundam Legacy

Special Characteristics:Due to him being a test pilot for Celestial Being, has vast knowledge of each Gundam ever produced. He is also a solid all around pilot.

History/Background Story: Gabriel was born into Celestial Being. His parents have been part of the organization for years and actually met at Lagrange 1 during their younger years. Gabriel's mother, Anna, was a young nurse aiding Dr. Joyce Moreno when a young Fritz, a mechanic, was brought in after a slight mishap with one off the second generation Gundams. It was love at first sight and over the course of the years they married and had a child.

When Gabriel was of age, he began working with his father and the Vashti's on the last four Third Generation Gundams as a mechanic and test pilot. Eventually, Veda chose him as a Gundam Meister. But Veda decided that his skills were better suited as a test pilot seeing as the final four Meister for Operation Fallen Angels had such a particular skill set.

After the completion of the Gundams and the GN Arms, Gabriel turned his attention to work on the theories for final three Third Gen Gundams and the first Fourth Gen one with Linda Vashti.

After the fall of Celestial Being, he spent the following four years working hard in the development of the final Gundams. Along the way, he was injured during the testing of an experimental system using two GN Drives. One day at the hospital, a mysteriously familiar woman with long gray hair, glasses, and a scar on her left side of her face showed up and offered Gabriel a spot on a cover team.

Rp Sample: Gabriel walked along the long corridor, lost in his thoughts. He knew that something might go wrong with the test today, but that was part of the territory. At the end of the day, it was all for the good of mankind. In a way, he felt that he should be in the front lines, that what he was doing wasn't all that important. But then again, being a lowly test pilot does have a sense of importance.

"Hope what happened to dad doesn't happen to me. Or what happened to the Plutone all those years ago. Then again, I might meet a cute nurse!" Gabriel then felt something tap him on the shoulder. "Gabe-chan!" he heard and jumped from the surprise. When he looked behind him, it was none than than little Mileina Vashti.

"Pretty sneaky, Mi-chan." He said to her. Their families have been working together in Celestial Being for years, so they're pretty close. "What are you talking about sneaky? I've been following you since you left your home.", she said. Since he was little, Gabriel has seen Ian and Linda Vashti as the uncle and aunt he never had, so it is only natural that Mileina is like a cousin.

"So, what's up braniac?" Gabriel said to her. "I told you never to call me that! You make me feel like freak!" Mileina replied. Gabriel laughs and replies "It's just that you are just so smart." Milenia makes a face at Gabriel and says "What about you? Mr. I-Know-Everything-About-Gundams?!" Gabriel cracks a smile, puts his arm around Milenia's shoulder, and continue to walk alongside her. He then says "I know about characteristics and such. Technical data and all that jazz. Not well versed on the computer stuff like you."

Character Theme: "Link 2 3 4" by Rammstein
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PostSubject: Re: Mars Denbrey (Done)   Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:55 pm

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Mars Denbrey (Done)
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