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PostSubject: Sai Bristow   Sai Bristow EmptyThu Feb 25, 2010 8:01 pm

Name: Sai Bristow

Alias: Half and Half

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Earth Sphere Federation

Nicknames: Half-and-Half

Sai Bristow Anime-guy2

Nationality: Chinese

Family: Biological family deceased, adopted by the late ESF Lieutenant Ming

Sai’s call sign of “Half-and-Half” suits him quite well. He’s a friendly and happy young man most of the time, eager to make friends and goof around as most regular guys his age would. Were he not in the Earth Sphere Federation forces he would most likely be an above-average student at a University finishing up his final years and looking to get lucky and enjoy the night life of whatever city he was studying in for University. His only little “quirk” might be his insistence to sit quietly and ‘meditate’ to clear his mind, something that many people his age find quite odd, though hardly alarming.
The truth of Sai isn’t far off from that mark, in all honesty. He is even today the happy young man that most guys his age are, is eager to make friends and goof around, go out for drinks, and graduate from University. However he’s currently enrolled in the ESF’s Mobile Suit pilot corp, something that is at odds with his personality. Not to say that he’s unwilling to pull a trigger, he’s just generally so friendly and happy that it would never occur to most people that Sai would be willing to pull the trigger of a gun. Which is exactly the way he likes it, the less accustom the grows to killing the more humane he believes he’ll stay throughout his career in the military.
Though there’s a very legitimate reason that Sai is worried about maintaining his humanity throughout this military career. Although it’s not very public his sting in the Super Soldier program before being deemed a failure and tossed out, just days before Celestial Being put an end to it by attacking the facility, has left him with some side-effects that he finds highly alarming. In times of extreme stress, tension, or threat of physical harm Sai has a habit of “fading out” from reality. Although these occasions are rare and he retains no memory of them – though he knows the results are undeniably violent and brutal. On one occasion he hospitalized four of his fellow soldiers who’d decided he was a little too friendly with some women they knew.
While “faded out” Sai has no control or awareness of his actions. Although judging from tapes his physical ability doesn’t actually increase it’s pretty clear that his regard for human life other than his own decreases, and mercy is no longer a viable option in his mind. For lack of a better way of describing it he’s dubbed these occasions the rise of “Dark Sai” and has been trying to piece together what exactly happened to him in the Super Soldier research Facility to make him like this. Although he has no scientific evidence to support it he believes that his mind might’ve created an alternate personality to help him cope with the horrors and reality of the facility. Though if that is the case it’s nothing like anime and manga have portrayed it as he has absolutely no way of communicating with this “Dark Sai” that comes out. He actually took up the practice of meditation in hopes of getting a better grip of it and trying to get it to occur less often or control it to some degree, though success is hard to judge as it’s very rare for it to occur in the first place.

Mobile Units:
Gundam/Mobile Suit: GNX-804T GN-XIV
Mobile Armor:
Support Craft:

Special Characteristics:
Sai is a super soldier, and due to the combination of nanobots and quantum brainwaves he has gained an increased reaction time. He also has an increased immune system and endurance against the harshness of space. He was an earlier Super Soldier, however, altered after birth for the ability to use Quantum Brainwaves and was not a design baby.

Due to the use of Quantum Brainwaves he can detect the presence of other Super Soldiers and Innovades, though determining their exact location is well beyond his ability. However this ability doesn’t come without its drawbacks and he’s prone to head pains varying from minor headaches to intense headaches around other users of Quantum Brainwaves, though since leaving the Superhuman Research Facilities he’s never encountered one, and as he has repressed the memories of that period of his life he has no idea the impact that someone else with Quantum Brainwaves will have on him.

Unlike the Super Soldier that’d been working with Celestial Being, Sai is completely unable to communicate with the presence within himself that he has dubbed “Dark Sai” for lack of a better name. It is also worth noting that when engaged directly against an opponent who uses Quantum Brainwaves the odds of Sai “fading out” and Dark Said taking control are increased drastically, though Sai at the moment knows nothing of this as he has no recollection of ever fighting someone with Quantum Brainwaves.

History/Background Story:
Sai’s story wasn’t much to talk about before he turned 8. As a baby he was born to an English father and a Chinese Mother, and raised in Hong Kong. He attended primary school and enjoyed it, though he was the only one in his grade school that required glasses, which resulted in a lot of teasing from his classmates. Desperate to escape their ridicule he faced in regular school he begged and pleaded with his parents to go to the military school when an HRL Officer offered him a chance to enter into a special training program. It took a lot of convincing but as he turned 8 his parents finally gave in, hoping that their son would grow sick of it and be released from the school, or come back a bit more obedient.

However Sai’s parents never got the chance to see him again. Caught up in the Solar Wars they were both killed during a battle while trying to evacuate his Grandparents who had refused to leave their house that was caught up in a battlefield. Sai was never permitted to know, not that he had the time to care. From the moment that he’d agreed to enter the Super Soldier Program he’d belonged to the HRL Government, he just didn’t know it. The next three years of his life are currently unknown to Sai. The horrors that were inflicted upon him by ambitious scientists were too much for his mind to handle, resulting in two things happening. First was the development of a secondary, merciless personality to allow him to survive and deal with the inhumane treatments he underwent, though he’s unaware if he simply passed out or he actually developed a secondary personality to cope with the hardships. Over the course of the next three years he underwent numerous operations and experiments to inject nanobots into his body as well as enable him to use Quantum Brainwaves.

At the end of those three years the scientists weren’t sure what to make of Sai. Although he was taking well to the combat training he lacked the aggressive edge that they’d hoped to instill in all their soldiers most of the time, however when he did display the aggressiveness that they wanted on rare occasion it surpassed nearly every other test subject from the same group. On the flip side, despite the fact that he was less prone to the ruthlessness that they wanted he still passed every trial test that they threw at him and he was much less prone to mental instability then the rest of his group was, making him much more likely to obey orders, though as most kids are he wasn’t keen on doing what others told him to do, potentially making him a more successful soldier and that much easier to integrate into the HRL army. Unable to determine whether the young Sai was a failure or a success his fate was left up to the military. Having read over the data and the situation a middle aged Lieutenant Ming took him in as a foster child with every intention of using Sai to further his own Career.

The next decade of Sai’s life was spent hiding the fact that he’d been a part of the Super Soldier program and grooming him to become an Ace Pilot for the HRL. Sai didn’t particularly mind, he enjoyed learning and being breed to be an Ace Pilot meant he had access to the finest training and education available in the HRL. The situation with his parents caused him a large degree of grief for the next two years but Lieutenant Ming eventually took over the role of Sai’s family and even allowed him to keep his last name as Bristow to pay homage to his biological family. Sai developed an exceptional interest in Computer Programming, specifically that of AIs, though he never developed beyond the basic. Still, he thoroughly enjoyed his schooling, even if he wasn’t allowed to pilot Mobile Suits in the field without consent from Lieutenant Ming, which irked him to a great deal as the initial conflict with Celestial Being was wagged. To further protect his adopted son Lieutenant Ming sent him away from cities to a small suburb for the remainder of the battles with Celestial Being, though Sai opted to live their permanently afterwards as he’d made several good friends while living there.

Between the end of the first battle with Celestial Being and the second encounter of Celestial Being is when the arising of “Dark Sai” began to become more prominent, though hardly alarmingly frequent. Frustrated at his lack of permission from Lieutenant Ming to join the military he began to think that he’d never be permitted to join the military. Even when the A-Laws began poking around his files Lieutenant Ming was quick to call in favors to get them to back off, preventing the A-Laws from recruiting Sai and stealing the credit of training him. Sai’s life remained training and studying in irritation with the occasional fight or brawl at school.

It wasn’t until the second conflict with Celestial Being and once again being denied entrance to the fighting that Sai’s annoyance reached a peak and he moved out of the house he’d been sharing with Lieutenant Ming and into the housing at his University, saying he was disgusted by Lieutenant Ming’s unwillingness to let Sai fight. Unfortunately it’d be the last conversation he ever had with Lieutenant Ming face-to-face as he was killed in action while attempting to destroy parts of the collapsing electrical elevator. The shock that Sai felt at this was profound – not only had he lost the man who’d been acting as his father for years but the last time he’d seen him he’d told him that he disgusted him.

Immediately dropping out of his University Sai went and grabbed a job programming AIs for a low-budget video game company. It allowed him to get an income and maintain an apartment for the duration of the second conflict with Celestial Being. He steeled himself and refrained from joining the battle in honor of his later step-father, though as soon as the conflicted ended and the ESF was looking for pilots. Since then he’s simply lived as a soldier of the ESF, though now that Celestial Being has arisen for a third round he can no longer sit by and do nothing – though he isn’t entirely sure what he could do and how helpful he’ll be in protecting the citizens of the ESF. There’s also been an increase in the appearances of “Dark Sai” since his step-father’s death, though they’re still extremely rare with the average being less than 1 time a year.

Rp Sample:
Quote :
Jason frowned a bit as images were enhanced on his Ginn’s monitor. He recognized the Mobeius unit that the EA had relied on so heavily until now right away of course. There was no way that anyone in ZAFT who wouldn’t recognize that floating death trap, even if they were new to the forces. How the hell Naturals had climbed into those things determined to kill a Coordinator in any type of Mobile Suit was beyond him, but an uncountable amount of them had done it. He’d give the credit for their bravery but that was it – stupidity and recklessness was about the only other things that they had and they didn’t count for anything positive as far as Jason was concerned. Minus thirty points for that guy! he thought cheerfully as he moved his gaze away from the Mobeius.

He saw a basic Dagger, though even magnified that basic Dagger was pretty small. Falling back to cover the ship? That would mean someone in this group had more of a brain than the last batch of EA soldiers they’d run across. Plus twelve for these guys, but it still won’t be enough. They weren’t going to let one lone unit stand between them and the ship if they broke through the EA’s defensive lines. Though there were a few problems with the idea of simply breaking through the defensive lines. Three to be specific, units that Jason had never seen before, not that it said a whole lot.

Two of them were Dagger-like but weren’t your every-day Dagger that was for sure. One of them, with some kind of back. He had no idea what the backpack was for but he doubted it was holding birthday cakes and the like for whatever ZAFT soldier got close enough to it. There were two of the other Dagger-like unit, one hanging back and the other advancing with the back pack boy, definitely one designed for ranged combat though. That’d be a pain but there wasn’t much he could do about it but hopefully keep the allies between them so that they’d have trouble trying to pick him off. Lastly, though, there was one that he’d never even seen before, a bright red unit that shouted “commander” unit even to someone as inexperienced as Jason. He narrowed his eyes, that thing was going to be a pain in the ass. It probably had that stupid Phase Shift system that Mark had mentioned, too, meaning he probably wouldn’t even be able to put a scratch in the thing.

He didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, as someone shouted “Evasive!” over their comm. System and he had to boost above a barrage. Ugh, what a pain. Apparently, though, their commander had decided that the red unit was his as he boosted straight for it, opening fire with his assault rifle with two Ginn HMs falling in behind him. Another group of Ginns, of varying types, took off under the battlefield. Going to try and deal with the enemy ship? Well, Jason could help with that, at least to some degree. The thrusters on his unit flared to life as he took off towards the pair of Dagger-Like units, the back pack and the ranged one, firing off a pair of shots at both units as he approached at full speed, teeth clenched together as he was propelled through the vacuum of space.

Character Theme: Poem – Taproot

Note: I didn't see a rule against Super Soldiers, hopefully it's fine.
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Good backstory, approved.
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