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PostSubject: Adam Anderson Jr.   Adam Anderson Jr. EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 1:26 am

Name: Adam Anderson Jr.

Alias: N/A

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Side/Faction: Earth Sphere Federation

Nicknames: Sparrow

Adam Anderson Jr. Lavi20hot-2

Nationality: Canadian

Father:Adam Anderson Sr. (deceased)
Mother: Julia Ortega-Anderson

Personality: Adam is a calm, collected and patient individual. He is a man that isn’t scared to speak his mind and is quite responsible, keeping in mind the consequences for each of his actions. However, in times of desperation or if a teammate’s life hangs in the balance he will become extremely dangerous by taking deadly risks. These risks often put Adam’s life on the line but he hardly minds and never thinks twice or regrets his decision. Much like his idol Graham Aker, Adam has learned to tune out his emotion of fear in battle. His most unique personality trait however, is his loyalty to his nation and its civilians.

Gundam/Mobile Suit: GN-XT787 Strato Runar

Special Characteristics: As a regular human, Adam Anderson Jr. has little in the ways of special characteristics. The only odd thing about him is his body’s high tolerance to G-forces. Not once, has he suffered from a black out, white out or internal damage when flying mobile suits like the Overflag at full speed. He also wears a patch over his right eye.

History/Background Story:

Born in Ottawa, Ontario on June 7th 2287 Adam Anderson Jr. was raised in one of the largest cities in his country. Growing up, Adam had a normal life. He had a mother, father and a pet dog but no siblings. His father, Adam Anderson Sr. was a Lieutenant in the Union military while his mother was a mobile suit technician. Like his parents, Adam was intrigued by the large humanoid machines known as mobile suits and sought to pilot one someday. This eventually led him to join the Union military at the age of 18 in 2305 as a potential pilot. As a Union soldier, Adam was taught the basics such as how to make small field repairs, piloting aircraft and limited close combat skills with an army issued knife.

In 2307, at the age of 20, Adam graduated the academy as a full-fledged soldier and the pilot of a Union Flag. During this same year, Celestial Being began its first interventions while Adam watched from afar. The thought of such an organization existing was both amusing and enraging. Their whole goal about ending warfare through armed interventions contradicted itself and put everyone at risk. And no matter how hard they tried, none of the three superpowers could put a single scratch on Celestial Being’s advanced Gundam mobile suits. With each intervention, Adam grew more and more upset at the Union’s lack of progress against the terrorist group until he finally exploded. The cause of the event was the death of Adam Anderson Sr. at the hands of Tieria Erde and the Virtue. Now enraged and wanting revenge against Celestial Being, Adam put all his anger into piloting his Union Flag.

While the dedication and passion exhibited by Adam during this time drastically improved his piloting skills it wasn’t enough to land him a GN-X though, he desperately tried. Instead, he was placed into a newly formed squad composed entirely of Overflags – the second most advanced mass-produced mobile suit of the time. Again, Adam was forced to watch as the Gundams destroyed all but two GN-X. Even though this was a huge victory for the world, he considered it an absolute disaster. Ten of the Union’s best pilots were dead, including his idol: Graham Aker. It wouldn’t be until years later, when the anger in Adam finally subsided, that he finally realized the significance of their victory and what his fellow soldiers laid their lives down for. Six months after the battle, the new Overflag squad was disbanded and each member was re-assigned. Oddly enough, Adam was assigned to the military base in his hometown of Ottawa. Here he resided without much action until the day the Ottawa base received its first shipment of new GN-X.

On this day, the base was abuzz with anticipation, the first time since Celestial Being was destroyed. As the pilot of an advanced but aging Flag Adam was one of the first pilot’s offered a GN-X, which he respectfully turned down – still believing he didn’t earn it. This would all change within a matter of hours. At roughly 19:15, a defector angry at the Union’s decision to annex itself with the HRL and AEU stole a GN-X. Against better judgement and without any orders, Adam launched in pursuit of the stolen unit in his Overflag. It didn’t take long to intercept the slow moving mobile suit in flight mode. Once he did, a battle erupted over the city’s suburbs. At first, the GN-X seemed to have the upper hand with its GN weapons but that quickly changed. By using his superior piloting skills and speed, Adam starting running circles around the stolen GN-X in his outdated Overflag. It was here that Adam performed his first harebrained stunt as a pilot after realizing he would need more than his plasma sabers and linear rifle to take down his opponent. Flying towards the GN-X at full speed, Adam transformed the Overflag mid flight, rifle extended.

Slamming into the GN-X with a loud “thud” the linear rifle tore through its GN Drive [T] while its beam saber tore through the Overflag’s lower torso region. This caused a small explosion to ensue in the cockpit, which sent a chunk of shrapnel through Adam’s right eye. As both units plummeted towards the ground, it seemed like the young man’s fate had been sealed until by sheer chance the escape system accidentally activated. This lifesaving system ejected the lower torso of the Overflag from the main body, halving the machine’s overall weight by half – allowing Adam to slow the unit’s free-fall enough to survive the ordeal. Hitting the ground heavily damaged but intact the Overflag’s cockpit escaped serious damage and Adam fell unconscious. He woke up a week later in the hospital with a minor concussion and an eye-patch over his right eye. Inquiring about the patch, the doctors regretfully informed him about the loss of his eye and the damage caused by the radioactive GN particles. While they could regenerate it, their was no chance he would be able to see out of it. Despite this grim outcome, Adam chose to regenerate his right eye and to wear an eye patch over it as a reminder of his victory.

When he once again returned to active military service, this time as an E.S.F. soldier he was rewarded a medal for courage, a promotion of one rank to Lieutenant Commander and was assigned an Advanced GN-X. This time round, he accepted the new mobile suit finally feeling he had earned it. With the eradication of Celestial Being and the formation of the E.S.F., the world was finally at peace and the need for soldiers like him had diminished. Nevertheless, Adam took up his position as a Lieutenant Commander without complaint and regularly took out squads of new recruits for mobile suit training. On an odd occasion, he was sent to the island nation of Ireland to help put down a rebellion caused by the IRA. Besides this one event, Adam saw little action until 2311, when Celestial Being re-emerged from the shadows. With the military in disarray and panic over the matter, the E.S.F. began stepping up its anti-terrorist measures and Adam saw more action in the next few months but never encountered Celestial Being. As the battle between the A-LAWS and Celestial Being began to end, Adam was enlisted shortly by the A-LAWS to test pilot their prototype Neo-Hed mobile suit until the group’s actions came to light and the ESF ordered their destruction.

Receiving the orders halfway through the test flight, Adam turned on his would be companions, destroying many of the still grounded GN-XIII and Ahead mobile suits until back up arrived. For his loyalty and swift action in the face of danger, he was awarded another medal and later assigned a Strato Runar. This new mobile suit was based off the Union Flag and Advanced GN-X – two units he was very familiar with. Taking an immediate liking to the Strato Runar he has continued to use it proudly and hopes for a chance to destroy a Gundam piloting his new pride and joy.
RP Sample: You already know how I RP. If you don’t just check Ethereal Dreamer’s RP sample.

Character Theme: Get Out Alive – Three Days Grace

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Adam Anderson Jr.
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