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 Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!

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PostSubject: Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:05 am

--//Tsubine Zarkonheinz\\--

::As the area above the Iblis's GN drive closed, Tsubine rested in the Iblis's cockpit's seat. A few buttons pressed, a few switches moved and soon the GN drive started to hum. The area around Tsubine, once dark and grey now was turning vibrant colors of red, blue, green, and yellow before finally displaying the area around him in a panoramic view. The eye flashed brightly, and the GN recyclers lit up. The mobile suit seemed to be glowing, which parts of it were. The fingers jolted out of their locked position as both of them grabbed the two beam rifles on the wall. The unit lifted off of the ground and its feet folded into their triangle position. The two GN thrusters on its lower waist swung back and forth.

In front of him, the doors to the outside world slowly opened, revealing the vast emptiness of space. The only odd thing out there was the blue marble we know as Earth, which lay below the ship. The clouds moved and the Earth rotated. The Orbital Elevators extended from the planet, each connected by the rings of solar collectors. Tsubine smirked as the other ship, a Masyu-class that was carrying a purple unit on its deck came into view.::

"Razgriz, target located. Commencing destruction."

::The Iblis suddenly accelerated and sped out of the hangar, leaving the modified Prinz Eugen-class behind. Tsubine went from side to side rapidly, making it impossible for missiles to track him.::


::From the back of the shoulders, ten small flower-shaped devices exploded off, leaving a small trail of green GN particles wherever it went. The fangs surrounded the Masyu-class and the unknown unit on its deck. However, they did not stay still. Instead they moved around rapidly, as if they were to stay in one place, the anti-air cannons on the Masyu would destroy them.

Tsubine flew to the ship, getting in front of the bow before ascending rapidly, pushing his modified body to its limits. He then fired his point-defense beams on the Iblis's legs and destroyed the anti-air cannons before descending at the same speed. The Iblis maneuvered around the purple Gundam before rolling onto its back. As it passed through the opening beneath the bridge, it let out a large volley of beams, destroying it. It then boosted back upwards after it was out of the opening, and fired a pair of beams from the rifles at the purple Gundam::

"You scum...you think life's a game and you can come into a party whenever you want to...Heh..why don't...you just...DIE!"
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PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:48 pm


Kilik Was Keeping a eye out While Quietly relaxing in the Cockpit of his Rakim GNR-020, As he Began to Take off his Helmet he Looked out into the Wide Space with a Small Look and took a deep sigh, He Then Looked down at earth quietly as he quietly hovered over in his Gundam, He then began to Hear a Series of explosion's and seen a bit of Dissonace happening in front of him. He was curious as to What Was truly going on. until of course he felt an attack from Behind coming and quickly Looked back to see the iblis He used the Rakim To Zoom and Fly out Using his Gn Drive and releasing some particle's from the Back side. he Was Wondering just What was going on. he was also a bit angry. he then see the ship exploding and had the Rakim Fly back a bit more as he then had it's arm come up and Grab The Gn Rifle as he looked cautiously at the iblis. "You...What Are you Attacking me for?" he Asked as he Had his Hand on the Handle Waiting to Fire on A Dime. "And just who are you?" He asked Hoping to get an answer. But he was also being very cautious Waiting to see what next move the Pilot would Make
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Posts : 77
Join date : 2010-02-08
Location : Lolwut?

PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:08 am


"You...What Are you Attacking me for?"

::Tsubine smirked, his smile similar to that of Ribbons Almark. From behind the helmet's crimson visor, his eyes began to glow a sinister yellow and orange that pulsated. The GN Fangs started to swarm around the purple Gundam as the Iblis began to curl up slightly.::

"Why? Why am I attacking you? The answer is obvious..."

::The Iblis shot forward, speeding towards the Rakim at breakneck speeds. In a few flashes, the beam rifles that were once in his hand were now attached to the side thrusters. In his hands were now the two curved blades once on his back. As he crossed them midflight, he increased speed.::


::The GN fangs started to fire on him, as if it were coming from all directions at once. Tsubine was still charging at him, the green GN particles glowing from the back of the unit::
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PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!   

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Battle of the Devils! GNR-020 vs GNR-021!
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