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 Zero Sue (Done? I hope)

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PostSubject: Zero Sue (Done? I hope)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:55 am

Name: Dante Akuma

Alias: Zero Sue

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Faction: Celestial Being(Fereshte)

Nicknames: The Black Wolf


If image does not appear click here

Nationality: Born and Raised in Japan

Family: Brother - Virgil Akuma/Alpha Sue (20)

Personality: Zero usually acts in a civilized manner when around others and not on a mission. However, once pushed too far he will become brutal and savage, Showing no mercy to anyone who stands between him and his job. Zero also has a strong sense of honor and justice and is therefore, surprisingly able to pull himself out of his maniacal state. Aside from his eccentric-ness, he is also very kind hearted and cares for the overall well being of his team.

Mobile Unit:
GN-025 Gundam X Divider

Special Characteristics: none

History/Background Story:
As a child Zero and his family had lived a fairly Japanese average life. He and his brother also had a very close relationship with each other during this time, which later transferred over into adulthood.

Zero's daily activities consisted mainly of school, with a few extracurricular events. These included kendo, jujitsu, judo, and a variety of other martial arts, making him a strong sword fighter and hand-to-hand fighter. When he finished high school, Zero went on and learned unarmed combat techniques from a former Union commando working in a local gym. This training later assisted with Zero's mercenary work, pre-mobile suit pilot.

When Zero turned 17 he joined the PMC Trust along with his best friend Rock "Rocky" Nodoka, a former kendo rival. The two became notoriously famous amongst the other mercenaries in the PMC. As time past, Celestial Being's activity and battles against the other factions became too frequent, and Zero knew being a mercenary would not be a good idea for much longer. At this time, he contacted his Brother, who had also become a mercenary, and told him to lay low for a while.

As Celestial Being's battles against the A-LAWS became more prominent, Zero and Rock did what they could to avoid conflict with them and eventually gave up the mercenary business for good. However, Zero's career as a mobile suit pilot was far from over, as a representative from Celestial Being soon contacted him and offered Zero the chance to be a Gundam pilot, or rather a Gundam Meister. It seemed that his performance as a mercenary and honourable nature earned him the right to become a part of the plan to change the world.

After accepting their offer, Zero was taken to a training facility in the L3 space region. Up till now, Zero had received more Mobile Suit training and had begun to understand how Celestial Being functioned.

RP Sample:
Zero walked around the hanger, almost pacing. Just now when he had acted on his own and launched in old Mobile Suit, Zero had felt a 'certain presence' within the battlefield. A presence he had not felt since back when he had fought alongside his brother in their mercenary days. But could it really be the same person? Surely it must have been someone else... Unless Arrows had gotten to Virgil. Instantly, Zero banished the thought from his mind. He would not think of such things.

Instead, he looked up at his Mobile suit. GN-025 X Divider, that was the Gundam they had given him, the one he was now using to take down Arrows and protect the fragile peace left on Earth and in space.

"Geez... I know what I need to do, but if he really is here, I'll need to be careful. That guy knows all my moves, no doubt he'll put up a damn good fight too." Zero debated with himself what to do in case Virgil proved to be working with the enemy. He could try to reason with him, but if that didn't work, "I'll have to hit him where it REALLY hurts."

With his mind made up, Zero left the hanger to change back into his CB uniform.

Character Theme:
Where Dragons Rule - Dragon Force
Carnival of Rust - Poets of the Fall

The End justiFAIZ the means

Now at 1/4 of former power

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Aden Williams
Aden Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Zero Sue (Done? I hope)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:08 pm

I believe when i read the rules it mentioned separate accounts per character personally I like that because it makes it simpler for other, also the looks didnt show up and the link didnt work. Oh i see the separate account I am sorry through me off.
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PostSubject: Re: Zero Sue (Done? I hope)   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Zero Sue (Done? I hope)   

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Zero Sue (Done? I hope)
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